Surely you’ve ever encountered a white hair on your hair and wondered how it got there. Learn the causes of the appearance of gray hair in this post.

You may not have arrived at that moment or you may remember it with melancholy but, without a doubt, when you find your first cane, you never forget it. These white hairs can suppose a headache to more than one and, although they can be easily hidden with a dye at home, it never hurts to know their origin.

What is gray hair?

Gray hairs are white hairs due to a lack of melanin, the pigment that gives color to hair, eyes, and skin. The more presence of melanin in the hair, the darker it is.

When do they appear?

Although gray hair may surprise in your head at any time, it is considered that it is between the ages of 30 and 40 when its presence begins to gain more prominence. Therefore, the appearance of gray hair is usually seen as a synonym for aging.

Why do they appear?

  • Aging: It is the most common cause of the appearance of gray hair. It is usually recognized because gray hair accumulates at the temples before extending to the rest of the head.
  • Poliosis: This type of gray hair consists of the appearance of a lock of white hair. Sometimes, the lock returns to its original color. It differs from the ring hair which is what the scattered gray hairs are called.
  • Stress and genetic inheritance: According to most research on gray hair, these are the two most likely causes of the appearance of the famous white hairs.

How to remedy it?

At the moment it has not been possible for gray hair to disappear, but camouflaging them is the sea of ​​simple. The best? It can be done from home.

Although many people may be scared of the idea of ​​dyeing, they should know that it is much easier than it seems. If you still don’t know how to do it, know all the tricks needed to cover your gray hair from your bathroom.

In addition, our Color Sensation range covers 100% gray hair and offers an intense and long-lasting color. The best? It is reusable and you can dose the mixture as you want.

Did you know what was the origin of gray hair? Tell us your experience and share your tricks to camouflage them.

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