Say goodbye to undernourished and fragile hair thanks to vitamin E. Discover its highly beneficial power for hair, and notice the difference!

Vitamin E is responsible for making the circulation improve and is favorable for our hair. Olive oil will be your best ally for it because it is largely made up of vitamin E. So, thanks to our Mythical Olive range of Original Remedies, you can wear a nourished, renewed and very soft skin. Discover with us all the benefits!

Properties of vitamin E for hair

The consumption of vitamin E improves blood circulation, which greatly favors good hair growth. Thus, the hair fiber is properly nourished.

It is also a powerful aid for the functioning of the hair follicle, as it stimulates the production of natural fat that releases the hair, helping to keep the hair nourished, hydrated and with the brightness that corresponds to it. It also fights dryness leaving it soft and silky.

By having antioxidant properties, this ingredient acts as a protector against external agents such as wind, sun, and water, thus helping to maintain the natural color of the hair and preventing accelerated oxidation.

Following a diet rich in vitamin E and using hair products that also contain it, you will be recovering the thickness of your hair, that is, you will end the hair weakness that makes your hair look lifeless.

Vitamin E converted to liquid gold

Olive oil, a basic ingredient of our daily lives, deserves to be highlighted because it is essential for the care of our hair. It contains vitamin E and powerful antioxidant actions, which provides elasticity and intense nutrition.

In case this knows you little, and you’re still wondering what vitamin E is for, don’t worry, because there is more! We present to you our Mythical Olive range of Original Remedies. Both the extreme nutrition shampoo and the mask will be your best allies to end up with dry and sensitized hair. Due to its high content of fatty acids and vitamin E, it will repair your hair, giving it back the nutrition and softness that characterizes it.

It looks intensely nourished and without weighing hair, giving your hair the vitality it had lost. Cheer up and share your experience with the Mythical Olive range in the comments! And check out the other Original Remedies products that we have prepared from Garnier for the optimal and natural care of your hair.

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