They also have to take care of their hair and pamper it as it deserves, and with Garnier, it’s very easy!

Wearing healthy and beautiful hair for longer is something that worries more and more men. Therefore, in this post, you can find the secret formula to take care of your hair easily and quickly with the help of Pure Fresh Cucumber Purifying shampoo and Banana Hair Food.

Cucumber shampoo for fresh, strong and clean hair

Fructis brings you a fortifying and purifying shampoo that will manage to combat the greasiness of oily hair: Pure Fresh Purifying Cucumber. Its formula with cucumber extract, which has excellent cleansing properties, also acts as a humidifier to help hydrate the scalp.

Purify and fortify the fiber of each hair after each application, you can also extend the time between washing and washing. As we know, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day, because that way, we weaken and damage it.

Meet Hair Food Banana and take care of your #PelazoFructis

The Hair Food Banana is 3 in 1 highly nutritious. The most demanding hair, especially the driest, will be softened thanks to the banana extract from Costa Rica that contains this product. The formula is full of nutrients that will provide hydration, resulting in soft and nourished hair without greasy effect.

The ideal of this product is its 3 different applications since you can apply it as:

  • Treatment without rinsing: take a small amount and put it on your dry or wet hair, with roots and ends. Apart from nourishing and keeping your hair soft for longer, it will also be ideal for combing and untangling those stubborn strands.
  • Mask: if your hair is very dry, apply it throughout the hair, expanding it correctly. Leave it on for 3 minutes and rinse very well with water. You will get to provide very intense nutrition to your hair.
  • Conditioner: at the time of the shower, and after the shampoo, apply it throughout the hair, nourish and detangle instantly without weighing it down. Finally, rinse with plenty of water.

Look no further excuses, you have already discovered how easy it is to have a clean, clean and strong hair! But if you’ve been wanting more, you just have to stop by our blog and discover many more interesting tips for your hair and skin routines.

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