If you have curly hair, your cut may have fallen into monotony, but the solution is very easy. Discover the curly hair look that will make you fall in love!

In recent seasons, curly hair has resurfaced and has become one of the most marked trends. We know that the curls require concrete care so that they are perfect, but with this look, we propose today, the cut will maintain its style every day.

Pages and pages could be written on curly hair. In addition to knowing the care that a curly mane demands, there are a lot of doubts that may arise about it. The most common is about cutting . And, getting a haircut that values ​​the curls and looks good can seem complicated. If we add to this that it is easy to care for, the search for the perfect curly hair look may seem like a nightmare, but it is much simpler than you think.

And, there is a haircut for curly hair that is perfect. And because? Because it allows curls to look like you’ve always wanted them to have: defined, healthy and with that ‘cool’ air you are looking for.

The curly mane has surrendered to the bob cut, over the shoulder, and has undoubtedly become the hairstyle of the season. To get it, you have to ask your hairdresser not to overdo it with the layers. The idea is to weather the mane just and necessary to give movement to the curls but not in excess to avoid frizz and too much volume.

This haircut looks great with bangs, another trend of the season. And, who said that bangs and curls were not compatible? Choose to leave it below the eyebrow, the curls will give dynamism and you will be surprised by the result.

The best thing about this curly hair look is that you don’t need to comb it too much. After washing it with the Fructis Hydra Rizos shampoo – with which you will get hydrated and flexible curls – let it air dry. Then, shake it with your fingers to give it a casual air and that’s it! You will have the curly hair you’ve always wanted. If you can’t air dry it, we recommend using the Goodbye Damage Fructis mask that will help you repair your hair from the effects of the dryer.

If at any time you want an extra definition for your curls, you can apply the Foam Fructis Hydra Curls 5 actions. In addition to fighting frizz, its 24-hour fix will allow you to make all kinds of plans without worrying about your hairstyle.

Now that you know the curly hair look with which you will look great every day, tell us about your experience with the curls. How is your favorite look to wear them?

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