The Carnival is just around the corner and a good costume must be accompanied by an original hairstyle. If you have not chosen yours, follow our proposal!

When we are looking for a carnival costume, we are forced to fulfill some very specific premises: it must be easy to create, surprising and cheap without ever forgetting the originality. Do not let your hair go unnoticed!

Carnival is a party increasingly spread throughout Spain if you have no habit of celebrating it, why not start this year? If you do not want to get caught by the train and arrive at the party that you fancy so much with a DIY costume that you have done two hours before, you are at the right place. In costumes, forecasting is usually the key to surprise. What do you think if this year you go ahead and plan your carnival look? Here you will find our proposals with original hairstyles, which one will you stay with?

  • 80’s look

The 80s are always in fashion and are an easy resource for a costume that meets all three B (Good, Beautiful and Cheap). And, probably, you already have at home everything you need to get it.

Bet on some leggings – if they are printed, better – and a shirt with disco-inspired prints. The eighties touch will be given by shoulder pads that you place under the shirt and accessories. Do not stay short when choosing mittens, necklaces, and maxipendientes!

For the hair, the carding was undoubtedly one of the protagonists of that time. To get the look, you must dry your hair by ruffling it with your fingers. Then, lock by lock, trim it with a fine barbed comb. To fix the hairstyle, apply the Lacquer Fructis Style Extra strong in each strand. If you want to give it a more daring touch, you can apply a spray of some neon color on the hair. That easy!

  • Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones

One of the most mythical characters of the most famous series of recent times is a perfect option to surprise at the next Carnival parties. To achieve this, you must look for a long dress of medieval aesthetics. Ideally, choose one of the blue or beige tones to more closely match the character’s style.

The hairstyle of this character is essential. If you are blonde, you will have it easier. If not, choose a good blonde wig, everything is allowed at Carnival!

To follow it, you must take two frontal locks on each side of the head. Braid the two strands and join them in the neck. Repeat the process with braids at the level of the temple and join them in the neck. If you want, you can improve the hairstyle with smaller braids that will give more detail to the costume, you know that Daenerys is the queen of the braids and you can be too!

Choose the hairstyle you choose for this Carnival, the most important thing is that the hair looks healthy. To do this, you can use the 3-in-1 Fructis Hair Food masks that will nourish your hair. If your hair is damaged, you can opt for Hair Food Papaya for a restorative effect. In the case of dry hair, choose Hair Food Banana to deeply hydrate. In addition, being able to be used without rinsing, they will also help you comb and make it easier to braid your hair.

If you have not yet chosen your carnival costume, we hope you have served our suggestions.

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