If you want to succeed the most special night of the year with your look, nothing better like these hairstyles to welcome 2019!

We are already on Christmas Eve, those beautiful and endearing dates, but that bring us so many concerns … what do I buy from my family? What do I wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? How do I comb my hair? Quiet! Today we make the easiest decision with 4 ideas collected for your New Year’s Eve look. Remember to have hydrated hair so it looks soft and shiny. To do this, we recommend the Hair Food Macadamia mask and Fructis Aloe Hydra Bomb Styling Cream on your clean, damp hair. You will notice the difference!

1. Picked aside

Pick up your hair to the side of the head, and make a ponytail with a rubber band. Divide the ponytail in two and card the inside of the hair. Then, hold the ponytail with some forks shaping it and that’s it! A perfect pick for the most family parties.

2. Bun with braid

This hairstyle also has an ideal romantic look for New Year’s Eve. Although at first glance it seems very complicated, it is much simpler than it seems. Just take one end of your hair, neither too thin nor too wide, and make a loose braid with it. Then, pick up your hair in a bun and untie it for a casual look.

3. Picked up Bun

This collection is very elegant for the last day of the year. If you are going to a formal party, this is your hairstyle. You will need a net to make ribbons or failing that, a sock so that your bun is with the ideal volume. To do this, first make a ponytail where you want the bun to be, although our recommendation is to make it as high as possible to make it more beautiful. Then enter the net and go folding your hair over it. To finish, apply lacquer to fix the hairstyle.

4. Tang braid

This braid that had such popularity a few years ago, reinvents itself with a more neat and elegant appearance. It is perfect if your hair is long and straight.

We hope you like our hairstyles and that they fit well with your New Year’s Eve look. Do not forget that with the Hair Food Macadamia mask and Fructis Aloe Hydra Bomb Hair Styling Cream you will wear shiny and hydrated hair. You will be the queen of the party with Garnier!

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