Curly hair is a trend, whether natural or with the help of a permanent, but requires special care to keep it in perfect condition and to show off curls. Although it may seem complicated, it is easier than it seems. Find out how to get it in this post.

Curly hair usually generates envy, but also forces you to follow very specific care. If you have curly hair, surely you have gone through moments when your hair looked dull and boring. Those days are over, finally!

When we have straight hair, we would like to have it curly. When we have it curly, we would like to have it straight and we don’t know how to take care of our hair. Well, keeping natural curls healthy is much simpler than it might seem. Follow our tips and show off curls:

1. Clean and detangle

During the shower, wash your hair with the Hydra Curls shampoo. Its fortifying formula gives body and elasticity to the curls, defining them and giving them movement.

After washing, detangle the hair still wet. A tip? Apply the Fructis Hydra Rizos mask and, while acting, comb it with your fingers. After rinsing, your curls will be more separated and defined.

2. Dry your hair carefully

When it comes to drying our hair, we usually do it with too much force. To keep the perfect curls, the ideal is to use a microfiber towel. They dry better than normal towels and do not break the hair. The most important? You should never rub your hair, so you can curl and get away from the expected result.

3. If you use a dryer, do it with ahead

The rush often forces us to dry our hair with a hairdryer, but if you want to take care of your curls you must know how to use it. Although it will always be minor to let the hair dry in the air, if you use a dryer you should do it with the warm air. If you also use a diffuser, your curls will be more alive than ever.

4. Discover the magic of the bun

If you notice that your curls are not very defined and seem sad, the solution is very easy. Quickly make a bun and moisten the hair with a spray. When you get rid of the bun you will see how your curls have regained their ideal shape.

In addition to all these tips, the range of Fructis Hydra Curls is perfect for you to take care of your natural curls easily. Its formula will hydrate your hair and you will get the curls you always dreamed of.

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