Establishing a hair care routine is essential for healthy hair, but there are so many miracle recommendations and tricks… which one to follow? If you are a beginner in the subject, discover here our tricks to take care of the hair. You will show off!

When you want to improve your hair care and look for information, there are many false myths that complicate the mission. Therefore, we have created this guide for beginners in hair care, it will solve your doubts and help you improve your hair. Keep reading!

  • Wash your hair, but carefully

Keeping your hair clean is important for it to be healthy and to look bright and full-bodied, but it must be done correctly. Hair when wet is very delicate, so it is recommended not to rub it aggressively during washing. Thus, you run the risk of breaking and weakening it.

  • Remember to hydrate it

If there is a step you must remember to have careful hair, it is the hydration. After washing, use the conditioner to keep it soft and, above all, use the masks once a week.

The 3 in 1 Hair Fructis Banana Food is perfect to give your hair deep nutrition. Besides being able to be used without rinsing, its smell will make you fall in love and you will not want to separate from it.

If you have very damaged hair, you can use the Goodbye Damage Fructis mask for a repairing effect of the mane. Say goodbye to sad hair!

  • The pigtails, in their right measure

We know how comfortable and flattering the queues can be, but it is not convenient to abuse them. By keeping your hair stretched for a long time, it can break and weaken so you should not wear your hair for many hours in a row. But nothing happens: when you follow all these tips, you will have such beautiful hair that you will want to wear it on the move, we assure you!

  • Brush with caution

Although brushing your hair is important to keep it free of tangles and knots, excessive brushing can break your hair and weaken it. Since we don’t want that, you shouldn’t abuse brushing. When you do, bet on untangling brushes that take more care of your hair. You can also take the time to apply the conditioner in the shower to comb your fingers. Thus, you will untangle the knots that may be the most and, once out of the shower, you can brush in fewer passes.

Now that you know what is the maximum when it comes to caring for hair, we would like to know if you have any tricks. Are you one of those who take advantage of the mask moment to devote a moment of relaxation?

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