Maintaining beautiful curls requires special care. Curly hair has very specific characteristics that require special attention, but once you know the perfect routine, your curls will cause a sensation. Take note of this post!

If you have curly hair, you will have been desperate to see your curls off and not know what to do with them. The key? Keep them hydrated so that they recover their elasticity. Now you will know how to take care of curly hair.

Even if you think that taking care of curly hair can steal you too long and you are not able to find a daily routine that works for you, the care that requires beautiful curls is much simpler than you think.

How to wash curly hair?

Although you might think that for your curls to come alive you have to wash them, the reality is quite the opposite. As experts recommend, washing a curly mane every three to four days is enough to preserve the hydration of the curls.

Ideally, to wash curly hair is to use a specific shampoo such as Fructis Hydra Rizos Shampoo. Its formula ensures elastic curls, defined and perfect for 4 days!

In addition, the conditioner should become the best ally in your hair care routine. It will help you comb it before leaving the shower and so you can keep frizz at bay, getting ultra-defined curls. Choose the Hydra Curls Conditioner and surprise yourself with the results. For extra nutrition, the Hydra Curls Mask is perfect, you’ll notice your most elastic and flexible loops.

After washing, comb it!

Properly combing curly hair is one of the keys to keeping it carefully and with some curls of film. If you are used to brushing your hair, you should say goodbye to the brush and replace it with a wide-barbed comb. The ideal? It is made of wood, so you will avoid frizz and your curls will be more defined more times.

Learn to dry your hair

Drying curly hair is one of the most important parts of hair care. Although many times the rush forces us to resort to the dryer, you should try to avoid it whenever you can. Ideally, reduce the moisture in the hair with a microfiber towel and let it air dry, but, if you can’t wait for it to dry by itself, you can use your dryer at a low temperature and, always, with a diffuser. And, the most important thing to wear careful curls is to keep them hydrated and away from any source of heat that dries and weakens the hair.

Now that you know how to take care of your curly hair every day, you will surely notice how your curls will be more flexible and defined.

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