The 5 most wanted tips to get a perfect straightening.

Sometimes we get bored of always wearing the same hairstyle. Just like those who have straight hair, want to wear it curly, those who have ringlets adorning their heads also get tired and want to make a change and see their super smooth and frizz-free mane. And although for a mane with very marked curls, it is inevitable that you have to use some heat source to be able to leave it completely smooth, with these tricks, and with the help of the Fructis Hydra Plain range, you can boast a completely smooth skin. Take note!

1. Use the right products

Here comes the Hydra Smooth range of Fructis. The shampoo, with a concentrate of fortifying active fruits, natural argan oil, and Phyto-keratin, which rebuilds the hair, will keep your hair straight and protect the fiber against frizz. Your hair will look loose and shiny!

By combining the shampoo with the fortifying mask, which has the same ingredients, but acts as a moisture protector for up to 72 hours if you use it twice a week, you will completely help your hair get smoothed. Thanks to this, you will have it well protected in case you have to apply some heat source.

2. Brush the hair until it dries

For that mane, of medium or long cuts that are easily smoothed, it is highly useful to brush the hair and stretch it with the fingers every few minutes, until its total drying. You can wear a straight hair look, but with a minimum of undulation, a casual style that always sets trends.

3. Use the cold air option in your dryer

The abuse of the heat sources that we do is not good for the health of the hair, because this effect causes very serious and very harmful damage that ends up turning your hair into fragile, brittle, dry and without any shine. That is why, even if you are going to straighten your curly hair, dry it with the cold air of the dryer, helping you with a brush and your fingers.

4. Wind the hair around the head, and wait

This technique is somewhat old, and many women used it years before the plates existed because, for decades, they smoothed their hair without using any source of heat. Following the instructions in the previous step, apply cold air to the hair until it is practically dry. Then, place some flat tweezers in sections, while the entire mane is wrapped around the head. You will get smooth and silky hair the next day.

5. Goodbye Damage

And if you are one of those who can not help making almost daily use of irons, dryers and tongs, because your curly hair is the most rebellious, do not fear ! because also for you there is very special care.

With the Fructis Adios Damage range, you will be able to say goodbye to damaged hair and restore the vitality that your hair has been able to lose with heat processes, also reducing split ends. Repair it and protect it so you can mold it your way without suffering the consequences of external agents.

All these little tricks will help you straighten your hair and get rid of frizz. Dare to try the Garra Hydra Smooth range, your faithful ally in the first steps to show off a smooth nourished and shiny mane with its excellent ingredients!

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