There is no single way to get straight hair. Find out what types of smoothing exist and how to take care of them to avoid damage.

If you are tired of having your hair curled by moisture, or want to change your look, ending your curls for a season, we tell you the types of straightening you can do. And as in Garnier, hair care is essential, we recommend the Goodbye Damage range so you can use it both before applying the straightening (as a pre-protection), as after it, so that your hair regains its natural health and don’t suffer so much with these methods.

Brazilian straightening

It is the best known within semi-permanent straightening. The main ingredient of this method is keratin, a protein found in the skin, nails, and hair naturally. Suitable for all hair types.

Its chemical character is the most harmless because it is based on filling the holes left in the hair based on Keratin, and not other products such as formalin. When applying the natural keratin in the hair cuticle, it causes a 95% reduction in frizz. In addition, keratin has restorative properties, so it will help protect the scalp.

Japanese straightening

To make this smoothing, a chemical compound called ammonium thioglycolate, a type of ammonia, but of low toxicity is used. This type is more aggressive than that of keratin.

It was created in the 90s by the Japanese Yuko Yamashita and had a great boom at the end of this decade. It is recommended that this type of straightening be applied in hairdressing salons, as the process is somewhat more complex than the previous one and the products used are somewhat more aggressive.

If you decide on this type, you have to take into account some important aspects, because you will not be able to perform hairstyles that oppress your hair, such as pigtails, otherwise, it would result in damage to your hair. In addition, you will have to rule out dyeing your hair because it would be doubly aggressive. If you have afro-type curly hair, discard this straightening, because you would damage your hair forever.

Photonic smoothing

As with Brazilian straightening, this type makes use of keratin and then uses a photonic light to fix the treatment and help hair straighten faster.

Getting results in less time, the light is only responsible for accelerating and fixing the process, but not for straightening, since it is the keratin that is responsible for straightening the hair as we have explained previously.

Temporary straightening

In case you don’t want to lose the natural shape of your locks for a few months, you can also opt for traditional straightening, by using the dryer or the irons.

Always remember to use heat protectors, as you will prevent your hair from becoming brittle, dry and losing its light.

Whatever you decide, protect your hair thanks to the Goodbye Damage Fructis range. Its combination of formulas with Amla extract with keraphyll is responsible for repairing the surface of the hair fiber and filling the cracks caused by external aggressions. With the application of your mask, your hair will be intensely repaired, shiny and sanitized to the ends.

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