Because short hair is not synonymous with boredom, take note of these three hairstyles this fall.

With FRUCTIS STYLE GEL WET SHINE you will be able to mold your hair, even if it is short, and you can give it that wet effect that looks so good. But, do not settle for just one look, today we leave you a few to take ideas and you can wear a different hairstyle each time.

1. Tousled look

Dry your hair in different directions, running your fingers through your hair while applying heat. Once ready, put some wetting gel with a wet effect on your hands and rub it between them. Apply it to the hair in different directions and you will get that relaxed and informal look.

2. Defined style

In this case, you have to use a little more fixing gel. Moisten the hair, put in your hands the gel fixer with wet effect and distribute it very well. Apply it on your hair and comb back with your fingers. You will achieve a more defined hairstyle.

3. Jopo Alto

Style imported from the 60s, but a success whether you want to take it for a more formal occasion or to get a casual look. All you have to do is use a good dose of the wetting gel fixer and modeling with the comb until you get the jopo.

As you could see, having short hair is no excuse for not going well combed and in various ways. And Fructis de Garnier makes it very easy. Head over to our blog and discover more tips on hairstyles that we upload for you.

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