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Grand Theft Auto V Review


Amy Morton / 04 Jun 2020

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Grand Theft Auto V is arguably the best criminal adventure saga of the decade. The story of three partners in crime making more and more serious deals is now a place to live in, with story twists, city luxury, cars, weapons, gambling, music, and more.

Gameplay Overview

In this story, you have to follow two old criminals meeting years after their last robbery, and their new fellow, a carjacker. Using each’s special abilities of shooting, driving, or melee, you follow the three in their career they unwillingly get involved in.

During the game, you will have to fight and run, drive cars, boats and helicopters, rob petty criminals, and major organizations, either legal or not. You will make a lot of enemies, so your skills will be tried hard.

The story is set in Los Santos, a fictional city reminding L.A., in just as fictional a state San Andreas. It means various locations like streets and beaches, islands and deserts, and a highly populated with NPC’s area. So there are side storylines just as great.

Graphics Quality

The game was released in 2013, so visuals seem a bit obsolete after these years. On the other hand, the visual style of the game, with cars and casinos, skyscrapers and helicopters, money and gadgets, has become iconic, despite all criticism. As for its voicing and sounds, they are better than in most T.V. shows. The in-game radio always delivers you fresh rocking music.


The main story, like in many such games, offers multiple options and, thus, multiple endings, delivering hundreds of hours of gameplay. Along with the long main story, the game features a large open world and inexhaustible side quests. In addition, there is an online world where players can meet, get new quests, and purchase new cars, outfits, weapons, and stuff.


The game is available on both desktops and consoles, so you can play either with a keyboard and mouse or with a gamepad. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have to learn multiple layouts: one for driving, one for shooting, one for free-roaming, and so on. Luckily, the game explains every new control option as it is introduced.

The Game to Stay

Released in 2013, it’s still capable of making noise in 2020. Its characters and scenes become memes, and the OST is made of hits only. In addition, P.C. players can enjoy a fantastic wealth of unofficial mods. So it’s old but not obsolete.

Highly rated for:

  • Great story, voicing and writing;
  • A large luxurious open world;
  • Rich side quests and story options.

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