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Fortnite Review


Amy Morton / 02 Jun 2020

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is a sort of game where a batch of players hunts each other on an isolated island. The last survivor (or surviving team) wins. Fortnite, though, builds rich creative lore upon this simple premise, featuring new adventures and events constantly.

Gameplay Overview

In Fortnite, a hundred players deploy on a distant island for a battle. Only one player or team should survive in the end. One cannot hide away, because the deadly storm is covering the island, driving the survivors to its eye.

On the island, you find your weapon and ammunition and get yourself materials to build fortifications, including walls, stairs, and roofs, for offense or defense. There are also various vehicles, powerups, and stuff.

Graphics Quality

It’s a third-person 3D game in a large, colorful open location. It all looks fantastic and sometimes even grotesque – how about a fighter looking like a big banana, or impossible UFOs in the sky? This graphic fantasy is what makes Fortnite so recognizable among other Battle Royale games. The world may lack details next to single-player projects, but it’s very juicy and impressive.


Fortnite gives no advantage to experienced players because there is no upgrade system. Everyone starts with just a pickaxe, picking other weapons on the island. The same is with ammunition and materials. That means that only skills matter. Various game modes, constant updates with crazy innovations, and an unpredictable matching system make Fortnite inexhaustible.


The game is available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This means it supports all possible inputs – touch controls, gamepads, mouse, and keyboard sets. The developers constantly refine controls to get the perfect balance for cross-platform matching. So you can select whatever inputs you like.

Impact on Gaming and More

Fortnite is a cultural milestone for gaming. Not only did it refuse the approved pay-to-win scheme, making all players equal, and purchases purely cosmetical (and yet it prospers). It also made players anticipate updates, making them a constant thing. Finally, it’s a cultural event along with music or cinema.

Highly rated for:

  • Fair Battle Royale gameplay;
  • Constant updates bringing new fantastic entities;
  • Absolute cross-platform availability;
  • Iconic visual style;
  • Impact on modern culture.



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