If you have surrendered to the tendency of short hair, surely you are looking for ways to comb your hair and give it a new air depending on the occasion. Although it seems more complicated, there are many ways to make a semi-pick easily in a short mane. Discover how to do it and get ideas for any event.

Short hair does not have to be synonymous with boring. In addition to having a lot of options, it is much more convenient to carry. Do you want to know how to become semi-picked for a special occasion? Get inspired and read on!

Semi-picked with braid

Separate two strands on each side of the forehead and divide them into three sections. After braiding each side, attach them to the neck with two hairpins. If you want a more formal finish, you can choose to make French braids and if you want a casual look, make normal braids and slightly ruffles the mane.

Carefree bun

Separate the front part of the mane and make a bun at the top of the neck. Grab it with a transparent rubber and forks. To give an informal air, hollow out the hair by pulling a lock of hair. This hairstyle looks especially good with curly hair. To get perfect curls, apply the Hydra Foam Curls 5 actions. Your curls will be defined, elastic and without frizz!

Picked up with a headband

For a special occasion, we usually look for more arranged hairstyles and, in the case of short hair, it can be very simple. You will only need a headband that you like. Place it in the middle of the head leaving the bangs in front. For a more modern finish, loosen some strands by the pins and go! You already have a hairstyle for any party.

The forks, the best companions

The forks are in fashion. The XL models or the most striking are causing a furor and are perfect for combing in a more festive look. To do this, make the line to the side and pick up the side closest to the ear with forks. You can use several by placing them decoratively. The trendiest now? Take them crossed in the form of X. This season, more is more!

Following these tips, you will discover that short hair does not have to be boring. Make these hairstyles yours and unleash your creativity.

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