If you are already thinking about your carnival costume, dressing up as a Pin-Up girl is an option. We teach you how to make your original hairstyles!

The Pin-Up style is one of the most recognizable and has most marked the fashion of recent decades. In addition, becoming a Pin-Up in Carnival can be the most daring while still being simple. Top costume in record time!

February is approaching and with it, one of the most colorful and fun parties of the year: the carnival. In those days, the search for an original and amazing costume becomes a complicated task, but don’t worry! We propose that you bet on the Pin-Up look: easy to get, very result and with a sexy dot.

The Pin-Up style goes back to the 40s when it is considered that the golden age of the “Pin-Up Girls” took place. This style is very suggestive and you can also replicate it with clothes that you already have at home. To do this, choose a dress adjusted to the waist and flight in the skirt. It is one of the keys to the pin-up!

Pin-up girls’ makeup is simple but sophisticated. You just have to mark the eye with eyeliner and paint your lips with a red bar: this combo is a classic, but it is always effective. Of course, once you return from your carnival party, The Micellar Water in Garnier Oil. The Micellar Water in Garnier Oil will make your task very easy and you can easily remove the permanent lipstick.

In addition to makeup, one of the easiest to recognize badges of the Pin-Up style is her hairstyles. Although it may be more complicated at first, you will be surprised how easy it is to get the pin-up look on your hair.


With freshly washed and still damp hair, you should apply some Hydra Curls Foam 5 Actions of Fructis Style on the mane. Then, dry it with a dryer and a round brush. In this way, you will get the most out of the fixing foam and you will get perfect, elastic curls in addition to nourished hair.

STEP 2 :

Once you have dry hair, it’s time to shape it. To do this, use tongs or irons. The idea is to get a marked wave to give your hair an air of the 40s. If you use irons, it is simpler than it seems. You will only have to take thin strands and turn the iron with your wrist while sliding it to the tip. Work each strand in the same direction and wait for it to cool to mark the wave. After this step, you will have the perfect base for the pin-up hairstyle.


The final step is to create the most classic toupee of the pin-up style. With the stripe aside, separate the frontal strands from the top of the head. After loading the base a little to get an extra volume, you will have to lift the strand and secure it with some forks. The idea is that it is bulky and hollowed out, with a little skill you will get it!

The rest of the hair you can pick it up in a bun or leave it loose depending on your tastes. In addition, you can tie a handkerchief around the head to finish off the look.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to get a pin-up hairstyle, we would like you to tell us your opinion on our social networks. And if you dare to disguise yourself as a pin-up girl these carnivals, we hope to see the result!

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