Top 20 iOS homescreen customization apps reach 5.7M installs after iOS 14 release

iOS 14 Update Breaks Download Records

When Apple launched its common quarter update for iOS in the middle of September, no one expected anything special, but we were wrong. It seems that the latest update accumulates so many home-screen customization options that it has been downloaded around 14 million times thus far. But why?

As we know, each iOS update is an attempt by the Big Apple to fix minor bugs within the operational system. Seemingly small, the changes are normally referred to as ‘annoying’ and ‘unnecessary,’ but still vital for proper operation. Despite all expectations, this September’s update offers more than just minor fixing. The update provides the users with widgets for home-screen customizations, including Calendar, Clock, etc., as well as icons’ size and color.

According to Sensor Tower, a marketing intelligence store, they have analyzed a large amount of metadata coming from various customization apps. The results are as impressive as they are unbelievable. Widgetsmith, Photo, and Color Widget by Apple have been installed up to 14 million times in the last couple of weeks. Besides, such apps, like Ermine, Date Today, Locket, and 14 others have been installed following iOS’s latest update. 

The downloads have brought Apple around $500,000 within the first week and a large royalty interest. Referring to Sensor Tower’s official statement, these home-screen widget apps top the ratings of the most-downloadable applications. It brings the iPhone producer to the premium, winning place above other app developers.

Whatever Apple has done has brought millions of users to this ‘app rush.’ Apparently, iPhone-heads do love customizable features and the freedom of choice just like Android users do. Hopefully, the company will consider its users’ will and keep on supplying fresh features.

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