Sony’s PS5 Event Announcements You Missed

With the presentation of PS5 dated Sep 16th, the viewers were flooded with information on Sony’s PS5 plans. Starting from the console’s price and release date, and ending with new game releases, it was hard to keep track of the company’s grandiose aspirations. But don’t worry if you didn’t catch it all right away; we have you covered with the most vital news from the event to see what’s waiting behind the bend.

#1 PS5: Accurate Pricing and Release Date

The first and most anticipated news we have wanted to hear is, of course, more specifics about the new console. As Sony claims, the platform is to be released on Nov 12th this year, and there will be no delays to comply with anymore. Also, to increase the speed and smoothness of the console, the developers have added a few features, which, unfortunately, are going to cost us a good penny. As mentioned, PS5’s cost range is between $400 for the digital version and $500 for the standard console.

#2 Final Fantasy XVI: More Playable and Epic

Final Fantasy XVI is being cooked though it’s still indefinite. With Square Enix’s trailer, it’s easy to see that there are more dynamics and authenticity in the plot. Following the classic FF principles, the game is turning away from its modern settings and heading back to the original, medieval origins. What is interesting here is that the product was displayed as a PC-based game without its PS5 interface. God only knows what it meant.

#3 Spider-Man: Miles Morales: As Perfect as Always

Whether you’re tired of Spider-Man Series or you are a devoted fan, you cannot help but acknowledge the impressive visuals it promises. The game offers a large DLC with countless ‘webbing’ and jumping opportunities for the fans of running a risk. Now that we know that the game release is somewhere in between the holiday season, we can save up a little to pay $50 for the PS5 version. But don’t worry too much, the product will also be available for PS4 to keep the fandom running.

#4 VILLAGE: Resident Evil: No More Rumors

A new episode of the everlasting classic Resident Evil is also on its way. Promised for an unknown date sometime in 2021, the game should be a blend of different horror and shooter games that the game has produced throughout the years to give us good chills. I’m excited, what about you?

#5 Demon’s Souls Remastered: No Specifics

Right, though they say the company has begun to develop the continuation of the mind-bending, nerve-biting franchise, there is nothing clear about it. However, they promise even more nerve-biting and intriguing missions and features. The only thing that is certain is that the product will be exclusively available for PS5 and cost between $60-70$.

Does Sony Even Know That We’re Waiting?

Despite the news being a little unsettled and debatable, it still gives us high hope for Sony’s return with its PS5 release and exclusive PS5 games. As the company is known for keeping its promises, though sometimes discounting time frames, we can trust it. Or what do you say?

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