Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and Others, Sony Announces

Most of us are anticipating the upcoming releases by Sony that have been in the air for a while. Following the recent Playstation Now’s announcements, the company has introduced its best and most cherished franchises, like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy to come out soon. So what is it about?

Resident Evil 7

Playable at Playstation Now till the end of November of this year, the game is a renowned classic of the horror/shooter genres. While the world is still flooded with zombies, monsters, and gruesome visuals, you won’t get bored of shooting down the abominations. Choose weapons to save yourself from the threat, gear up with equipment to increase your chances, and always look back because you’re never alone.

Final Fantasy XV  

As you attempt to restore your kingdom as Noctis and a bunch of his loyal vassals, you have to combat the Empire breathing down your neck. To succeed in your retribution, you have to utilize a whole set of mighty weapons and abilities. While doing so, don’t forget to follow the plot leading you to whatever destination you have chosen. Anyway, do all of this till the beginning of March 2021 while the game is still in stock. 

WWE 2K19

A new season of WWE is underway to let you plunge into an arena of legends and rising stars. Offering various modes and in-game options, the product is a superb opportunity to build a jaw-dropping career as a martial arts fighter. These and even more features accompany you through the plot, which is far from linear, to establish your name as a synonym of the WWE 2K19 season. 

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These are only the tip of the game iceberg you are to experience when using Sony’s streaming service. Luckily, the platform never stops improving and provides even more opportunities for its fans regardless of the taste. 

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