The Best Apps for Having Fun with Friends

It’s still not clear when the quarantine is to be shut down; so we adjust to this new reality in everything that can be adjusted. Home entertainment is this sort of thing; avoiding physical contact turned out not fatal for soulful communication. Social interaction online can truly be fun – with the right media between you, including apps for free games and chats.

There are some platforms over the Internet made specially for having fun together, and we’re not speaking common messengers or video chat services. These platforms offer embedded games, text and video chats, entertaining features, and they offer their unique way of communication. Let’s try to keep connected with these.


It’s an analog of a real house party, with flags high up and doors open wide. If you have Houseparty running, it means anyone can drop in and join the conversation in your room. And, yes, you can have multiple guests speaking in a Zoom-like chat, or visit other rooms, from host to host. If you need more than just small talk, Houseparty offers some games to play with friends: apps don’t have to be installed, they are cloud-based. When you need some private time, just close the app.

Facebook Gaming

Anyway we’re all on Facebook, so why not enjoy its gaming features? Facebook Gaming is a virtual room where you can launch games and challenge your friends. Games are cloud-based, available on desktops and mobile devices, with no need to install them to play quizzes, arcades, puzzles, action games, strategy – whatever. Not only does it offer hundreds of games: it also shows your friends playing certain titles. Perfect for playing games online with friends you want to contact.


Not only is this app famous for its enhanced privacy options. It also has a lot of built-in games, some of them quite traditional, while some are based on VR. The games are constantly changing (just like filters and effects), so running out of them seems impossible. In addition, Snapchat offers traditional ways of communication, from private chats to group calls. It’s rich in games to play with one friend, and that could be expected from this privacy-concerned project. Alas, it’s not available on desktops.

Board and Card Games

Along with those checkers and chess apps, you can find on Facebook, there are many standalone services and apps that digitize games familiar from before the Internet. You can enjoy any classical board game, from Monopoly to Scrabble: if it’s worth even an hour, it’s already available online.

Game Stores and Chats

If we take a wider look, we’ll discover that almost any specialized gaming service has its own social features, letting players play together. Xbox Live and PS Plus, Uplay and Steam, Epic and GOG all have their social features, built-in friend lists and chats, so you can turn your playtime into a conversation. Let alone social services like Discord and Twitch: they are about communication as much as about gaming. Of course, it will require a multiplayer game to fully enjoy the company. But there are many of them, paid and free, that will satisfy virtually any taste.

Where Do You Invite Your Friends?

This list is not exhaustive: there are certainly gaming services that we haven’t mentioned, while they are influential and fun. If you drop some names in comments, you will help people discover something they may appreciate. We certainly will.

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