Games for PC and PS: Fall 2020 Edition

With dozens of games delayed and a couple of big projects pulled back, 2020 is not the most favorable time for gaming fans. However, this fall, the developers might just make it up to us with some games newest to the eye of the beholder.
From PC to PS5, there are new, freshly-baked games heading our way September through December, and they look promising. Now that we know that the year is not a complete disappointment, let’s take a look at some of the most wanted products for fall 2020. 

#5 Serious Sam 4

Announced for release in late September, the game is a continuation of the beloved Serious Sam series. Though the critics aren’t completely happy about the teaser released earlier this year, there are very few people who wouldn’t like to see the product. The developers have made it available for PC, and Stadia, whereas the PS4 and Xbox One versions are promised in 2021. They say the gameplay has a large expansion and will bring even more action and gore to the plot. Well, we’ll see.

#4 Star Wars: Squadrons

Enlarging our choice of multiplayer games, Squadrons is to premiere on Oct 2nd; it’s the newest game for PS4, PC, and Xbox One out of the Star Wars series. It will bring us to the time set of Return of the Jedi to give us a perspective on a more human and less Jedi way of fighting the Siths. You have to take charge of ships after choosing a side between the Empire and the New Republic. Utilizing an array of weapons, armory, and tactics, you get to complete missions to decide the fate of the galaxy. 

#3 G.I. Joe Operation Blackout 

Do you still remember G.I. Joe? If you don’t, then don’t worry as the game is going to strike you with its new team-based PVP. Coming out on Oct 13th, the product will be all about combating, shooting, and co-operation within a team you assemble. The legendary franchise resurrects all the characters, which we’ve met before, and adds more action and playable content. Engage in four different modes to match your intrinsic soldier, which you can choose from 12 new game characters and try out around 20 campaigns.

#2 Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition 

It’s been years since we heard from Capcom, and now they are coming back to town with the 5th episode of the franchise. Our favorite vigilantes Dante, Nero, and the newbie V, are equipped with even more weapons and skills to fight evil. With a new PS5 engine, the developers claim to give even more complexity to the character-build system, as well as expand the DMC universe with new threats.

#1 Cyberpunk 2077

There are very few people in the gaming world who aren’t waiting for this gem by CD Projekt Red. With the release date on Nov 19th, the action takes place in a futuristic world. There, technologies and apocalyptic threats impend over the fate of a devastated world. By customizing the features, your character is to set on a doomed mission to save humanity with wit, shooting, and a lot of climbing.

Ready to Go Down the Rabbit Hole? 

There are many more fresh games coming our way with impressive visuals that promise us countless sleepless nights. Buckle up, gear up with some hardware, and download the new best games soon!

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