The answers to the most frequently asked questions to have a healthy and radiant mane.

Have you ever really thought about everything your hair has to go through every day? Hair protects you from various harmful environmental factors and, many times, you don’t appreciate it in the best way. The best thing you can do to do it is to give the best possible care to reduce the damage you receive daily. Therefore, test the range Délicatesse Oat of Original Remedies, ally best for hair care!

Harmful customs you should avoid

One of the habits that you should free yourself from is the use of dryers, curling irons, and irons since overexposure of their heat damage your scalp and hair structure. We advise you to reduce its use to a minimum.

Also, excess stress reduces the resistance of your hair and encourages an increase in its fall. So another good tip is: breathe and relax whenever possible!

Other circumstances that damage our hair and that are part of everyday activities may be overexposure to sunlight or chlorine present in the pools.

To stand out: neither much nor little, only what is necessary

Making a cut on the ends of the hair, periodically, is as necessary as washing all the hair. This process is essential to clean the hair, especially after summer.

The best thing to help your hair recover after breaking it out is to help it with a nutritious and protective product such as the Delicatesse Oat Conditioner from Original Remedies. Thanks to this product, you will enjoy soft, hydrated and shiny hair.

Washing, a delicate process

Allowing too much time between washes contributes to the accumulation of sebum in the scalp, and, therefore, to the dirt adhering to it. This, in the long term, clogs the pores and favors hair loss.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze your hair type and, depending on how oily it is, decide how often to wash it. Doing it with Garnier’s Original Remedies Oatmeal Shampoo is the best way to provide delicate care to your hair.

Hairstyling and brushing, a care procedure

Another bad habit that damages the scalp in the long term is the use of very tight hairstyles since they weaken the follicle and can even cause a type of traction alopecia.

To brush the hair, it is recommended to use brushes with natural bristles, since they are less aggressive with the hair structure.

Your hair is what you eat

All treatments will be of little use if your hair does not receive enough vitamins and minerals through your diet. Vitamin B gives hair resistance while minerals like iron, iodine, magnesium, and silicon, will provide flexibility, softness, and shine; not forgetting the proteins that contribute to hair growth.

Hydration and more hydration

The most basic point in the maintenance of the skin and, therefore, of the scalp, is hydration.

You can help your scalp stay hydrated with the Original Remedies Oatmeal Decals mask at the end of the wash, once or twice a week, depending on your type of scalp.

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