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Amazing Frog? Review


Amy Morton / 09 Jun 2020

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Amazing Frog is a sandbox exploration game where you control a frog in a modern city. Its streets and buildings are open for you to explore. Jumping around it is a special sort of fun due to elaborate physics.

Gameplay Overview

So, you are an anthropomorphic frog in a small town. You walk on two legs, and you jump on four legs, grab items with your hands, but awkwardly. You can drive, as cars are just the perfect size. You can jump on a trampoline, ride a shark, enter stores, slide on the ice. Do anything you wish. Isn’t life amazing for a frog?
This game has no aim. You are here to enjoy the interaction with objects, collect items, try various outfits, and jump all around. Look around this town; see what other entertainments it has! With no quests and no missions, just pure exploration, you can spend some time before sleep to distract from everything. It supports multiplayer on split-screen, being a good family toy.

Graphics Quality

As the developers focused on physics, you can’t expect the AAA quality from this indie project. Its style is cartoonish, and it fits the foolish presumption of the game. All the objects and characters are drawn in a caricatured manner. So are the sounds. Either you like it or not, and if you do, you’ll love it.


As it’s a sandbox, it’s funnier to explore places where you’ve never been. The world of Amazing Frog is rather large, though. Developers constantly roll out updates. In addition, you can use it as your playground with up to three friends. The foolishness of the entire settings will result in uncontrolled bursts of a laughter more often than you expect.


The game is available for desktop platforms and iOS. On desktops, you can play either with a gamepad or with a keyboard and mouse. Touch devices assume touch controls. But you can connect your Xbox gamepad or DualShock to an iPad or iPhone and use it, to have the closest experience.


Amazing Frog? Is among the most creative games around if you like sandboxes and explorations. Its multiplayer is a great way to fool around with your party. Physics could hardly impress more. And the way your frog jumps, slides, rides, or runs is itself a great fun relief you’d probably want this game for.

Highly rated for:

  • Incredible depth of wild imagination;
  • Greatly made physics;
  • Developers’ sense of humor.

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