Return the force to your hair with the help of Garnier Original Remedies. Do not let damaged hair be part of your identity.

External aggressions, such as dyes, permanent and smoothed, and pollution itself, often wreak havoc. Because of them, it is very easy for your hair to become thin and look unhealthy. This is why we present you with the Honey Treasures range of Original Remedies, which has the wonderful properties of its natural ingredients, honey, royal jelly, and propolis, to give that strength, shine and thickness that your hair needs.

1. Shampoo

The Reconstituting Shampoo will repair the damage caused, strengthening the scalp and providing protection against external aggressions. Apply it by gently massaging, producing foam and rinsing well.

2. Conditioner

This will be responsible for providing softness, hydration, and shine to your hair. If you have very damaged hair, it is recommended that you use it with the shampoo every time you wash your hair. Apply the restorative conditioner after rinsing the shampoo, from the roots to the ends, spreading it very well throughout the hair and rinse without rubbing.

3. Mask

Use it once a week if it is winter, but during the hot season it is recommended to use it 2 or 3 times a week, but no more. On wet hair, apply an amount that covers all the hair well, let it act and lighten. The Intense Reconstituting Mask will be responsible for providing deep hydration and repair.

4. Tip sealer

With just two drops, the Honey Treasure Tip Sealer manages to repair those split ends. You can apply it to both wet and dry hair and it is perfect to protect it if you are going to apply a heat source.

5. Restorative cream

This new remedy without rinsing allows it to be used on wet and wet hair at any time of the day. When applied, it facilitates styling and nourishes the hair. The restorative cream without rinsing will melt instantly with your hair, leaving it soft, nourished, bright and with a delicious and light perfume.

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