Each curl is different. But what is clear is that you can take care of them perfectly with Garnier Hair Food masks and restore their elasticity. To have them well defined, nothing better than the Hydra Rizos de Fructis range.

Although it sounds surprising, talking about curly hair, in general, is badly done. Actually, there are different types of curls and we could distinguish three: the wavy, the curly and the afro. Within these three categories, we can find three other subcategories that serve the amount of the type of curl in a mane. From Garnier, we know very well the special needs of this type of hair, so we present the Fructis Hydra Curls and Hair Food range, your ideal companions to help any type of curl stay full of movement and shine.

1. Wavy Hair

It has S-shaped waves, it is the most common type of curl. It usually has a lot of shine and is very easy to work. Therefore, a good ally when doing any hairstyle is Hair Food Banana, an ultra-nourishing mask that you can use dry.

  • Type A: the waves appear from medium to tip, it has a lot of brightness. It is usually thin and with low volume
  • Type B: waves are born closer to the root, lose definition easily and tend to curl in the upper part of the head
  • Type C: gives rise to waves and curls that form from the root. It is the thickest of all wavy. Loses definition more easily and supports drying and ironing very well

2. Curly Hair

This type of hair has S-shaped curls and very defined ringlets. It turns out to be very soft to the touch, although at first glance it does not seem like it, it is the one that suffers the most with moisture, so the Hair Food Macadamia will help you fight frizz, nourish it in-depth and control that rebellion that it presents in occasions.

  • Type A: mixed with some wave, but generally they are defined and elastic curls. Although they tend to frizz and easily lose that definition, they are easy to work or retexturize hair
  • Type B: S-shaped curls, but smaller than those of type A. It has much less shine than those of the wavy hair type and the first curly hair type. They have a lot of volumes and are thick and dense texture
  • Type C: the curls are shaped like a corkscrew, although they coexist with some larger ones. The thickest in curly hair types and the one with the most volume. Of course, it curls very easily

3. Afro hair

Also known as ethnic. It includes a Z-type pattern. It has a rough touch, is fragile and spongy in appearance. The Hair Food Papaya mask has a high nutritional and restorative power, so it will work very well with this type of curls.

  • Type A: S-shaped curls and the size of a crochet needle. Fragile hair, since it has less natural protection than other types of curls. And it retains much more moisture than the previous ones
  • Type B: Z-shaped types of curls. They can shrink their length by 75%. Its texture varies from thick to fine, as it does not have a homogeneous shape. Being so curly, it feels rough
  • Type C: It also shrinks its length by 75%. It has no defined curl pattern. The curl varies between thick and thin, nor does it have a homogeneous shape. It lacks definition.

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