Because curly hair does not mean boredom! Accompany it with bangs and take care of its movement and elasticity with Fructis de Garnier.

Today we bring you 3 curly haircuts with bangs to renew your look, because who said that curly hair has no chance of cutting differently? Let’s dismantle that myth. We leave you several options for this fall to catch you renewed. But of course, your curls will need a good dose of care. Therefore, we present Fructis Hydra Rizos, the Garnier range specially created to have perfect curls. Keep reading and don’t lose detail!

1. Curls, with layers and bangs

If your curly hair is more casual, surfer style, this is your star cut! It is also ideal with quite pronounced layers in the front and with a curtain bangs, open in the middle.

2. With straight bangs

If you have ever thought, or have been told, that having curly hair you cannot wear curly haircuts with straight bangs, they were wrong! In this type of cut, the bangs play a fundamental role. You have to know what direction your hair takes when it comes to growing, so that, when it is cut and dry, it will be a cinema!

3. Bangs XL

This time the half mane is free of the size of the cut you want to give it. Some will prefer it shorter and others a little longer. But in this case, the bangs will be lateral and long. You have to know how much your curl shrinks when it dries because it will be much easier to define the length of the bangs when cutting it to be beautiful and manageable.

Get curls of 10!

We present the Fructis Hydra Curls range so you can wear defined and soft curls. It is perfect for you to return that elasticity to your curls that may have been lost by external agents during the summer and have them controlled, dry and with 0 frizz!

The fortifying shampoo among its ingredients with bamboo extract, an ingredient rich with high moisturizing properties that will be in charge of ending the weak and damaged hair. With the combination of the fortifying mask, you will achieve that your curls are well defined, elastic and with movement, being able to show off skin with perfect curls for 4 days. Nor do we forget siloxane, the molecule responsible for providing body to the curls to keep them well defined.

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